In 1998 I graduated from the School of Film and Media (ESCAC) specializing in Sound, as part of the first class of many outstanding technicians working in the audiovisual sector of the current film scene.

I entered the working world as an operator working post-production sound in the advertising company Audioclip SL, work I played over two years until my interest become independent as a technician and specialize in the film world led me to work as freelance.

That’s how I started my film career and I got to fulfill my dream of making movies and work with great directors and industry professionals. Sometimes I am responsible for the entire process of a project sound (from the location sound production  through post-production) and other alternative both areas independently.

Alongside this also allowed me to expand my career options with advertising and television (TV Shows and TV movies), and even occasionally lecturing sound specialization recognized as the Universities of Barcelona and Ramon Llull ESCAC.